Born out of the woods of Montclair, NJ and the rolling plains of Oberlin, OH, Sammy Trombone is not your everyday band. In Sammy Trombone, Sammy Mellman uses his trombone, his looper, and his harmonic intuition to weave together arrangements of both original tunes and his favorites from Bon Iver, Phox, Indigo Girls, and more. With every composition, he serenely loops until both he and the audience feel the whole become more than a sum of its parts. Saxophone, bass and drums complete the quartet, giving the trombone and vocal loops that deeper groove to bop your head to. Yet, Sammy's trombone and voice are more than enough to share a transcendental message through his music. HICHEM FERRA will open with his amazing guitar. $10 donation requested.